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I need your help please, i want to copy a data from a workbook to another with a filtre but i have two different filtre so when i write data to the specific column with another filtre it delete the last paste data and replace it with the new one, so i need to write on the newt blank cells on the same column, Can you help me please?

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sure buddy
can i have a view on input file and how the output should be
if possible with a sample file

hey @Palaniyappan,

Thank you for your anwser, yes sure this is my two simple workbook, i have mentioned the details on comment Workbook-copy.xlsx (18.6 KB) Workbook2-Paste.xlsx (8.9 KB)

i saw the file but how you would llike to add data here
sorry buddy i didnt get that clearlyy

i want to filtre data by gendre and copy names and numbers on the other work book, on the write column, example if i filtre data by gendre “male” i copy data of male on the other workbook, next time i will filtre data of “female” and copy to the next empty cells on the same workbook without delating the previous data.

this is an example of my data from filtering data “male” in blue color, and yellow color for data of “Female”, i want ot filtre each one separatly i did it by using filtre data table, but when i make filtre for “male” and copy to the other workbook, the next filtre i make filtre “Female” it write but it delete the data that i had copied, i need to copy data next to it not deleting it , thank you in advance

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Ok got it
here you go with an xaml
ss.zip (30.5 KB)

Cheers @Maroua302

thank you so much @Palaniyappan for your answer, but i don’t need to copy data of sheet name “Feuil1” on workbook2, the table has already header i need just data to be copied every time on the next blank cell, if there is data it will not delate it, it will write next to it . like range “A” + count blank and write on it i don’t know how to write data from blank range, can you help me please

can you show me how you did to write on specific columns Numbers and names please?

I understand you method for writing on the same column, can you please help me to write on the next blank cell if data exist ?

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Yah we can just mention the one we need to enter in ADD DATAROW activity

Usually add Datarow activity can take input in two ways
One is as a Array of values (whose element count that it has in it is equal to number of columns and even the order we mention should be same as the column order)

And another one is Datarow

So let’s take the first one alone ARRAYROW property

Here if you see we would have mentioned the value in first and last position
That is I hope there are nine columns in the excel you have and so there are nine elements in the array mentioned in ArrayRow

Where we need to fill the first and last column right…
So mention the value in first and last index position of that array in ArrayRow property

And now if you want to add in the middle then just we need to remove the corresponding “” in the position. Where we want to pass and replace with the variable row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Maroua302

Hey @Palaniyappan,

Thank you very much of your answer and your explications, i will try it and return back.

Have a good night

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Sure buddy @Maroua302

Thanks buddy @Palaniyappan for your help, it work now. this is my exemple if some one need it .Main.xaml (9.3 KB)

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