Write data in txt file after using data scraping


i use data scraping for extract data. The result is in type DataTable and after that i filter that data with assign:

array of DataRow=DataTable.Select("Type='1’and Number>‘400000’)

because I need to filter my that data by type and number but number must be bigger then 40000.

Now i trying write that filter data in txt file I doit with append line but nothing is happening. I try with Write text file but then I don’t get my data in txt file.

Please help.

Ty in advance

@Tinkerbell Use Output DataTable activity and instead having the data into array of data row keep it in another datatable by using CopyToDatatable

I managed everything, but I can’t filter the data by conditions. Do you know maybe how? This is all the data I have and need to filter.

data.txt (5.8 KB)


Check conditions with numbers not with strings

Type = 1 and Number > 400000

Don’t but quotes, it will consider as string not as number

IF you want to make string to number then

cint(Type) = 1 and cint(Number)>400000

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