Write Cell Excel Formula Issue

I am testing an Excel Automation where I need to write various formulas to cells. See sample image

The full Write Cell output is

The formula works correctly if entered directly into the cell in Excel and returns the correct value.

However, I get the following Write Cell error when executing in UiPath:-
Write Cell: The write operation failed, because one of the following reasons:
► The data you want to write “=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(I2,‘C:[O365.xlsx]O365Report’!$C:$D,2,FALSE))=TRUE,”,VLOOKUP(I2,‘C:[O365.xlsx]O365Report’!$C:$D,2,FALSE))" has a wrong format;
► Excel is busy;
► If your data is a formula, make sure you use comma as parameters separator;
► During the write operation make sure no dialog windows are opened.

Any ideas please


Not sure if it’s just the way it’s been copied/pasted, however the formula in your error text looks like it has a single double quote character between the commas.


Hi @gary.cobden ,

Use the formula like below in write cell and try. Thanks.


@ kirankumar.mahanthi1

Thank you; your solution worked

Much appreciated

your welcome @gary.cobden

please mark solution of my post if you think it helps to resolve your issue. marking solution would help others who are facing the similar issue. thanks for understanding.

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