Write Cell Data Table with Text Value

Hi All,

I want to concatenate message with Data Table variable in write cell activity box. Below is the example:

“My_Text” + DataTableVariable

Gives an error.

If I understand correctly, you need to use “Output Data Table” activity, which will convert datatable variable into csv-like string variable.

Hi @Dr_Raza_Abidi_PhD

You cannot directly use datatable variable in message box because it contains multiple values

Message box only supports string value

If want to print whole datatable convert the datatable into string by using output datatable activity

Pass the output produced by output datatable in the message box then it works fine


@krzysztof.szwed: Thanks a lot, I should try and revert back to you.

@Robinnavinraj_S: Thanks a lot, I should try again with Output data Table activity. But I just want to write some text with data table variable like this:

“NTB” + Data Table Variable

I just want to right NTB in my excel file but Write Cell only accepts the Data Table Variable. It does not concatenate the string. This is the issue.

ok share your input excel ,
before that make sure the concatenation should be done in single row or multiple row



For writing back some value to Datatable, Check below

Set Value to Datatable

Hope this will help you


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