Write Cell: Auto Increment Row issue

Hello Automation Experts,
I am using the ‘Write Cell’ action nested inside a top ‘For Each File In Folder’ (and others blocks). It should store the results of search in the pdf files, the ‘Auto Increment row’ is turned on so that each row contains result of searching in each pdf. First collumn contains file name and following collumns store search results of different keywords.
Now, the issue is that first two row stores file name and results correctly, but third row stores correctly only the file name - but search results goes into first row instread third.
What could be the root cause?

thank you in advance!

Hi @Jakub_Modrzewski

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can u show the workflow screenshot ?

Hello Nived, it’s nice to be here :slight_smile:
I hope the workflow is visible enough. The Write Cell causing issues are nested deep inside the For Each - under Use App >Check App State > and several grouping.

WriteCell AutoIncrement will only write the the value on the next row, taking into account the last time the activity was called. It will not work as expected if you have conditions inside the loop.


  1. Do a single Write Cell at the end for each column, by saving the value you want to write using Save For Later

  2. Calculate the RowIndex using the CurrentIndex option exposed by the For Loop:

Many thank, it works Just fine!