Workflow analyzer to restrict from executing or publishing the package

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I have written our own rules for UiPath Studio workflow analyzer. But if there is an error identified by the rule and if it is not fixed by the developer, I would like to restrict from publishing the package to Orchestrator. It is possible to do this with Workflow analyzer, any insights will help. Thanks in advance.

Hi @sarathi125 ,

If you have already made custom rules, then if the Custom Rule’s Default Action is already set to Error.

Then it should prevent the Publishing of the Project.

@supermanPunch ,

I don’t think workflow analyzer error will stop us to publish the package. I have more than 100 errors in my error list but still I am able to publish it.

Hi @sarathi125 ,

I am not quite sure if this is the Solution that is required, but if the Enforce Analyzer is Disabled, then we’ll be able to Publish the Project even with the Errors. Maybe the Configuration is disabled in your Studio and hence you do not get any Error From Publishing.

If there are errors in the Project and Enforce Analyzer is enabled, then there is an Error Thrown as below :

Let us know if you are still looking for a Different way of Setting up the Prevention of Publishing.

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