Workday Authentication w/Oauth

Has anybody implemented workday activities with OAuth authentication instead of basic? I’m trying to figure out if is possible to send a bearer token and use the out of the box workday activities

Hey @Edwin_Barahona

Not yet tried.

But will see if I can suggest something if you can let us know the challenge or issue you face ?


So, I want to use the launch EIB activity but that requires to be inside a Workday Application Scope, currently the workday application scope uses basic authentication but due to the security requirements of my client I can only use OAuth.

My idea was building the connection myself and use the “Use Existing Connection” parameter but haven’t been able to figure out if I ever be able to pass the bearer token generated by OAuth. So my question is related if somebody has implemented something similar

I was thinking on the Out of the box solution provided by the workday activities before building the SOAP client since I am looking for the simplest implementation possible for when I need to hand it over the support to the client who might not have as much development knowledge.

From my standpoint I think is something I can suggest as a feature request but any insight is very much appreciated.