Workbook activities taking time for read range


I am using workbook read range activities to fetch data from excel. But its taking around 6-7 mins to read 8k rows data. If I try using excel application scope it reads within seconds. But in my prod server excel is not installed , so can you please suggest any alternative ways or the possible ways to resolve this.


Did you check, if preserve format is checked or not. If it is checked, Please uncheck.


Try upgrading the UiPath.Excel activities

Go to Design tab → Manage Packages → Project dependencies-> upgrade the excel a package and also the system.activity package

Cheers @shubham

Yeah… it is already unchecked. I tried both ways but didn’t change anything

@Palaniyappan , tried with updated version as well. But still its same issue, taking same 6-7mins to read data.
This excel has some formulae, does that affect the reading time?

Yeah May be
But it should be fine with excel activities if the file has formula in it

Can we try running with a vb code in that case


Okay… I’ll try it but it won’t require excel to be installed right?

Have a look on this