Work with Excel_1

Hi guys,

I have the below requirement.

A list of excel files with the same format.
Iam reading all the excel files in a loop using For Each activity and reading only one column(D).

The idea is to write the column(D) from each excel file to another excel file but in different columns.

Is it possible?
Please let me know.

example :


Hello @Sanghamitra_Sahoo

Yes, that is possible. Gou can first loop through each file using Directory.GetFiles(“Folderpath”)

Then use for each activity to loop through each file and use “Use excel activity” inside the loop(file will be item)

Use read range to read only the D column (Range you can modify to get only D column)

use insert column activity to insert new column(name you can give as required)
Write range activity to write to the column just created.

use add column activity by creating one datatable and use count for give different column name

Can you please give an example script?

step 1 : read excel (column that you want to read )
step2 : DataTableVar = new should be outside for for each loop)
step3 : Add data column (addData column should inside for each and use row index from for each)
“column Name”+rowidnex.tostring