Word: format rtf


I have to open word files and replace text in it.
However, the files are in rtf format. How can I use the word activities for rtf files?

Thanks in advance!

hi @yannip,

i)open the file in WordPad, send hotkeys Ctrl+a, Ctrl+c to the editor and using the GetFromClipboard activity you can get the text.(OR)
ii)You can open the file in word and change the format of a file to docx. after that you can use word related activities on that file.

Hope this will help you.


Thanks for your reply.
How would you perform the ii) via UiPath? (so opening it in word and then changing it via the bot)? Because I am downloading the files in the earlier workflow of this bot.


hi @yannip,
use word application scope activity to open the file.

Then save it as word doc and further processing can be done.

I have the workflow for your reference.solution.zip (18.4 KB)

Hope this helps

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Thanks. For some reason it did not work the first time I tried. (the same way you show it).
But it works now :slight_smile:

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