Windows Services Stopping starting by using PowerShell script

Hi all,

Would you help me to develop a bot for Starting and Stopping a particular windows Services(like windows updation or fax etc.) using powersehll script. Already we have the activities for this apart from that I need to do using the powershell.

Thanks and regards.
Baisil G

Hi @baisilgee,

Why dont’t use cmd command like this:

>SC [start/stop/query] [service_name]

@riefnaibaho thank you for your replay,

but here particularly I need to use Powershell script

i think it is easier using cmd command, if you have list of services to control, you can put it into .bat script and call the script using “start process” activity.

But since you only want Powershell script, i suggest you to read these documentations: