Windows Scheduler is Working fine for 2018.* , 2019.* Versions

Hi Folks,

Windows scheduler is working for all the versions(2018.* , 2019.* ) in UiPath.

Will help you here in scheduling:

Go to Task Scheduler: Click on create Basic Task -> Give some Name -> Next -> Give one time for checking -> Give some time -> Next -> select Start a program -> Next -> Here giving “file path is the main task”…, First give “Robot.exe” File path and give “Space” /file:“XAML File Path” and click on ok in Pop-Up. Just like :



and finally click on finish.

Hope it will Works fine for everyone.

Raghava T
814 22 33 888


Windows scheduler for robots is not reliable and not recommended too. People have faced lot of issues and UiPath will not support/provide any solution.