Windows Credential to an url

Hi, everyone!
how do i set the credentials to this url with uipath?


For more details on this

Cheers @Melque_Lima

this is not available to the newest verssion!


Hi Melque,

Please add the following package to the project dependencies, and the activities should load:

thanks @Evan_Bruns it worked!
so for me to use this on a url, should i create an credential for this url before opening it?

Hi Melque,

I didn’t initially read the full context of the post, but the activity package we’ve been discussing is for adding/retrieving/modifying credentials with Windows Credential Manager. If you aren’t using Windows Credential Manager as your credentials store, I don’t believe these Credentials activities apply.

Once you know what your credentials are, though, (whether they’ve been retrieved with the above activities, via “Get Password”, or from an Orchestrator Asset), you should be able to enter them into the boxes using “Type Into”. Depending on the method of credential storage, you may need to use “Type Secure Text” to type the password. If you don’t have good selectors in the credentials box, you may need to use hotkeys to navigate between the fields.


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