Why write different between RegEx in UIPath and in web regex online?

In uiPath use formular = (?<=เลขที่ : )[\d-.,]+

But If I use same formalar in web regex online , It show error as below.

But If I edit formular in web to = (?<=เลขที่ : )[\d.,-]+ , It run true.

File Notepad as attached: testFile.txt (162 Bytes)

Please guide me about it.


Did you check with Matches activity in Uipath?


I use assign activity
No = system.text.RegularExpressions.Regex.match(StrInput,“(?<=เลขที่ : )[\d-.,]+”).ToString

But I have question about RegEx between UiPath and RegEx online write different pattern?


The site seems regex101, isn’t it?
regex101 doesn’t support .Net regex. So there are some different b/w the site and UiPath.


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@Yoichi yes, I use web regex101

give a try on regexstorm .NET Regex Tester - Regex Storm more close to .Net

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Which flavor do you use? (We can see there is no .net language)


As @ppr mentioned, the following is better, i think too.


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