Why did you remove persistence support on For Each

This is really annoying, why have you done this. I want to create x queue items and then have my process resume when they are all done. Previously this was no problem in a For Each but you’ve added this limitation and I don’t know why?
Can you explain the logic behind this?

I can still use the parallel for each but I want it single threaded, especially cause when it wakes up it will check the status of every queue item in my collection and that can mean I have a limit otherwise the robot make too many API request and the calls get rejected as a DDOS. Single threaded neatly avoids this.

Please revert this change, I cannot see any good reason to put a limit like this on something that was working well and its annoying if I need to downgrade my UiPath.System.Activities to restore this.

I did just update to the newly released UiPath.System.Activities 23.10.2 and saw that dumb limitation was removed. Hurrah.

Avoid 23.4 it seems.