Why can't display IMAP messages as plain text, only HTML?


Dear all,

I need to replace my get outlook mail messages activity with IMAP activity. With get outlook messages I got all my mails in simple text if i used a message box and placed mail.body.tostring inside. But now with IMAP all i get is html text. Do you know a way to convert it? I don’t see any option

Tried assigning mail.isbodyhtml = false in the for each but it doesn’t work.

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Regex.Replace(source, “<.*?>”, string.Empty);


Can you show me how to use this code, please? Thanks!


hope you able to get html body in string format in that case
check this out.
html.xaml (7.1 KB)


Thank you, I had to import system.text.regularexpressions. Works but   html tags stayed there, this expression worked for me: <[^>]+>|&nbsp ;

Thanks for the help!


@zew @ddpadil I too wanted to use IMAP.Thankyou for the solution