Why are activities different between projects?

I don’t know why activities are different between projects, can someone help with this problem?

Project 1:

Project 2:

Hi @rodrigo.simao

Update UiPath.System.Activities Package

Hi @rodrigo.simao

Update the UiPath.System.Acitivities to the latest version by keeping RunTime Rule as Lowest As Applicable. This should make the activities proper.


Did it just like you said and restarted the studio…


Downgrade a version and click on update keeping RunTIme Rule as Lowest As Applicable. THis should solve the error.


This can happen if there are multiple versions or variations of a project.

Consider the following steps to address this issue:

  1. Check project version
  2. Confirm that both projects use the same versions of dependencies and packages.


In your packages i didn’t see UiPath.System.Activities Package can you please download that package and Uninstall UiPath.System.Activities.Runtime Package

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There is quite some incorrect information in this thread.

Let me correct the record and make it clear.

The issue here is that you simply used the wrong package.
You have UiPath.System.Activities.Runtime, which is incorrect.
You need UiPath.System.Activities

UiPath have started splitting their libraries so that the code is in one library, and the application cards are in another. I personally hate it as it results in needing to manage twice as many packages between tenants and causes issues like this. Your issue demonstrates it, Studio sees there are activities in the runtime library, but cannot match them to application cards so gives the ugly defaults.

The reasoning is that it apparently makes things ‘faster’, but I have yet to see any statistics or evidence of that and think we lose more time due to errors caused by it than we could gain in speed.

I made a topic here asking them to turn them off, if they get rid of that and iResource parameters I will be much happier.

To solve your problem, just remove the UiPath.System.Activities.Runtime package and add the UiPath.System.Activities package. The other advice is misleading talking about lowest common version or updating so I suggest you disregard them.

Hi @rodrigo.simao

Check out this thread. When users had same issue of change in activities UiPath.System.Activitites package was told to update and their issue was resolved. Try updating UiPath.System.Activities and if not installed install the package with RunTime Rule as Lowest as Applicable.


Thats not the advice given.
It was to install the MISSING packge, not update. The OP already tried updating and got stuck.

Lets makes sure we are clear, I explained exactly what causes the issues, why and how to solve it. Lets stick to the correct terminology, you cannot update a package that isnt even added.

Thank you very much! :smiley:

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