While Invoking python code using python package, am getting Pipe is broken error!

I am getting Pipe is broken error while trying to Invoke a python code using UiPath Python Package. Any solution for this error?

I ran into a similar issue when I put Environment.Exit(0) at the end of my Main method, which apparently killed the entire process


Hi @Athul_AK,

  1. Check your UiPath Python package configuration: Ensure that you have installed the latest version of the UiPath Python package and that it is configured correctly in your UiPath project. Verify that the Python interpreter path and the Python script path are correct.
  2. Check the Python code: Review the Python code that is being executed in UiPath. Make sure that the code is well-formed and does not contain syntax errors that could cause issues with the Python interpreter. Also, verify that the code works correctly when run outside of UiPath.
  3. Check for conflicts: Check if there are any conflicts between the UiPath Python package and other Python packages or modules that are being used in the Python code
  4. Check for memory leaks
  5. Restart the UiPath and Python interpreter
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