Which is correct answer?

Hello everyone!
if in exam this question is asked which should i mark as correct ?

Question is :

  1. UiPath arugments directions contains in, out, in/out
  2. UiPath arugments directions contains in, out, in/out, property

which is correct ?


It should be 1

Property is not part of it


Thank you so much,
But there is option as property and why it is not a part of it ?


It just shows as property…but you cant select it as a value of it


What is an advantage of using the default Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework template with Orchestrator queues?

What may be the answer for it ?


Depends on options…there are many to specify

  1. Exception handling at level 1 is already in place
  2. Framework is built only logics needs to be implemented
  3. Transaction basis


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