Where to start on SAP Automation


What training can you recommend to start SAP Automation using UiPath?
Soon we are going to have project for SAP so as early as now I need to train or get familiar with it.


You can try this video


To get started with SAP automation using UiPath, you can follow these steps:

1.UiPath SAP Automation Training
2. Understand SAP Automation Concepts
3.Learn SAP Integration Activities: In UiPath Studio, you’ll use SAP-specific activities to interact with SAP. These activities include “SAP Application Scope,” “SAP Login,” “SAP Type Into,” and others. Learn how to use these activities effectively.
4.Troubleshooting Skills: SAP automation can be complex, and you may encounter errors. Learn how to troubleshoot and debug your automation scripts. UiPath’s debugging tools are valuable for this.
5.Best Practices: Understand best practices for SAP automation, such as error handling, working with SAP tables, and managing credentials securely.


Im doing this but where can I download that sap application

UiPath SAP Automation Training

I’m taking this training also where can I download that sap application used on that training it is not mentioned in the training where to download it

You can try this for downloading sap


Go with this its have clear cut about the download

Refer the below link

Hope it will help for you



Go to the UiPath academy https://academy.uipath.com/ and check the SAP training.

Hello @joscares

You Can Refer This Links:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/@SAPBeginner/channels
  2. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWPirh4EWFpERo3JhloN4N4KEwXsI8ohj

When you are starting sap automation it is important to know the prerequisites first and go one by one like this

  1. Because sap automation can be performed smoothly only when sap GII Scripting is enabled
    Have a view on this doc to understand the prerequisites
    Though these are going to be taken care by Adil team have an idea which is important

  2. Then know about the activities that are there in sap specifically
    Generally you can use any Ui based activities in sap if the above scripting is enabled
    Apart from that there are specific activities for sap have a view on it
    this will help you to decide on how to approach a scenario in sap

  3. And finally now have a view on this academy series to know and understand on how to use the above activities
    This will help u to understand the properties of sap activities and also on how to handle a scenario

Hope this helps

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Hope this clarifies