Where should i learn a .net for uipath

Where should i learn a .net for uipath. Please help.

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Hi @ramkrishna2k3,

What is the purpose that you want to learn .Net (like making new activities ?).
To learn .Net you can get lot of things from Google search. But for UiPath, Mostly UiPath and UiPath Team are releasing new packages.More over you can get help from UiPath contributors also. In the Forum communities, You will get solutions and suggestions for your specific problems. Some of the things specified here where I learnt the .Net and you can search youtube also.


Take a look here


There are many online video in youtube channel where you can easily learn the .net for ui path.

can you share the link… As i am confuse between, ASP.net, MVC, VB and more .net course. So exact .net course unable to pick.

i am new to delhi so i cant suggest you the exact place but in banglore you can go to j-spider if you wan to learn java and rest other languages.it is very famous institute