Where is screen scraping in uipath tab

where is screen scraping in UiPath tab.
Couldnot find the screen scraping in the UiPath tab and also taxanomy

Hi @anjani_priya

Check out the below thread

And for Taxonomy Manager please downloadUiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities


Hi @anjani_priya,

Screen Scarping wizard is available in Classic mode.
Use this reference - Studio - Modern Design Experience (uipath.com)
Taxonomy would be available only once you install the package UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities

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couldnot find modern experiernce

where should I edit?

Navigate to Home–>Settings–>Design. Here you would have that option.

Hi @anjani_priya

Please open that thread. You will have an detailed explanation about where to edit. You have to edit it in Project.json file present in your project folder.


Hi @anjani_priya

Screen scraping only available in classic experience. Now we use Table Extraction instead of that in modern experience.

Taxonomy tab is available only if you download the UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities package.

Hope it helps.


In the Updated UiPath studio version of 2023.12.0, the option was removed. After the update, if you will create a new project, that will be in modern design experience only, there is no chance to switch from classic to modern or modern to classic. If you want to use the classic activities,

Go to activities panel → Click on Filter → Enable classic

no such option


Check your studio version.

Hi @anjani_priya

Classic design is Deprecated in the new update of UiPath Studio. The option to switch from Classic to Modern is grayed off. If you create a new project now, then it will be in Modern design experience by default.

You can use the Classic activities in modern design experience project, but you cannot create a new classic project.

If you want to use classic activities,
Go to Activities panel → Click on Filter → Enable Classic.

If you want to use the Screen scraping for that project for sure, there is a method but it’s not suggested one,
Open your Project.json file and add the below give line below after “fileInfoCollection”: ,

 "modernBehavior": false,

Refer the screenshot below for better understanding:

Close and reopen the Studio then the Screen scraping tab in the Designer ribbon it appears.

Hope it helps!!

cant we use screen scraping now

Hi @anjani_priya

  1. Before UPDATE

NOTE: Open project.json File


below “fileInfoCollection”: [],
and Save it.

  1. After UPDATE



Install UiPath.IntelligentOCR package from Manage Packages

Hope it will helps you :slight_smile:


Open Project.json file and add the below line after “fileInfoCollection”

“modernBehavior”: false,

Refer the screenshot attached by @mkankatala

It’s better to use modern experience instead of classic.

where can I find modern experience

Hi @anjani_priya

Please check the below thread it works:



Starting with Studio 2021.10, the modern design experience is enabled by default for all new projects.

Your studio is in modern experience, so you have table extraction instead of screen scrapping in ribbon tab.
For more info check this:

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