Where can we learn Orchestrator's database Data Model?

Hi all. Do you know any documentation or any tips to learn the data model of the Orchestrator’s database? I think there are many potentials that can be done there.

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@Forum_Staff Isn’t there any data model present anywhere we can use? I checked and this question is asked multiple times but no answer was given to any.


We intentionally do not document our database schema. Data from the Orchestrator database is not meant for public consumption. You should use the API instead of querying the database directly. The reason for this is that we may change the database schema at any time, including in minor releases.
Out of curiosity, what is the use you have in mind that requires knowledge of Orchestrator’s data model?



Hello George,

I know this is an old post, but here a business use case where it is necessary to know the Orchestrator’s data model:

Let’s say in a company all audit data of all applications, which are in use, are collected centrally. The collection of this type of data is not uncommon for large companies, as it is required for revision purposes, e.g. in insurance and banking. As @loginerror wrote here, UiPath Orchestrator doesn’t offer the possibility to redirect this kind of data. However, to manage them centrally, direct access to the SQL database will be unavoidable. And at this point you need knowledge about the Orchestrator’s data model.

I hope this example illustrates that open conversations, as well as necessary documentation, about the Orchestrator’s data model may also be required.

Thanks and best regards



Trying my luck here, have there been any updates regarding the data model of the database?
There is insufficient information in the documents for explaining the management/accessibility of data in the DB.

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Hi George - I am not looking for the database schema but I’m wondering if you have something like an ER diagram that explains how processes, queues, projects, releases, packages, and jobs relate to one another?