Where can I find the recording of the class conducted online?

I m unable to find the link for the recorded class which was said to be uploaded in the registration link can you please help me with.


Hi ,

Could you please provide the details like “date of session” and the zone for which you need the recordings.

week 3 zone 15

date of session: 23/03/2023

Recording of each session is available in the event page.Please check else ping in the group

Not able to find the recording in event section. Could you please ping the direct link for todays session 3.8, mail and pdf automation.

I m unable to find any link. 2022 event links are only available. I m not sure what group your referring to. can you please elaborate.

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On the event page there are two links

  1. Link for class
  2. Link for comments section

Or else share the event page link :link:

Yes, correct there is no link on the website regarding recorded session