When using "Click Activity" showing error

After clicking on “Indicate target on Screen” error is comes. The Error is
“The current activity must be added inside a Use Application/Browser activity. Before using it, please add a Use Application/Browser activity and point it to the application you are automating.”


use attach browser and add that click activity in inside that.


Hi @saipanmuluk_mujawar

As per the error its saying that you should use it on the inside the application, Brower scope.

will you please let me know exactly what you are trying to click ?

Thank you

I want to automate calculator, notepad these application for practice and selector comparision

How to do this?
Please tell the steps.

@saipanmuluk_mujawar ,

did indicate the target properly and check the selectors Once Please.

Thank you.


take use application browser activity.

drag modern Click activity in inside the browser.