When Flow Switch' expression is Blank, how to set the case name?

Hi Guys, I have a question about Flow Switch activity. anyway, Thank you very much.

as shown in the picture below.
Expression is set to blank, TypeArgument is set to String. and one of the Case name is set to empty, but when I Run this process, It never meet the empty case.
how can I set the case name to meet this situation. (When Expression is blank, TypeArgument is String, )

Can you try use .Trim and run again?

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I tried row.item(“階層”).ToString.Trim
but it didn’t change the result.

May be you need to make a log to see row.item(“階層”).ToString the value is it

oh, I forgot that. I thought it was a case name issue. Thank you for your advice. I’ll try to investigate.

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