When creating a library and custom activities in Studio, how to inherit scope?

As an example, I want to write a custom activity that checks for a specific window to appear (wnd app=‘wfica32.exe’ title=‘something specific’)

In order to use Check App State it must be inside a Use App/Browser activity.

So this means we have to pass the UI Object into the custom activity so it can be used for the Use App/Browser. This is messy and redundant.

Is there a way to have the custom activity inherit the scope from the Use App/Browser activity it’s already inside?

This begs the question of WHY Check App State needs to be inside a Use App/Browser activity…when it has all its own selectors that could be used, the way the classic Element Exists etc worked.

Do you have the solution to this question?
I encountered the same issue with you. I want to write an OCR Engine and then put it inside digitize document activity, but don’t know how to put in.

I have not found a solution nor gotten any response from UiPath.