Whats the requirements for joining the uipath partner programme?

Whats the benefits, requirements of the programme?

So far i only have experience in building simple automations and yet to move on to the advanced rpa developer course.

I also want to start an rpa agency centred around UiPath

How do i become a UiPath partner and what benefits are there


check the official documentacion about it


Ive read the page and it gives general information

whats the requirements?

whats the benefits?

it didnt mention that

Well the benefits are quite clearly laid out there, are you sure you read the page?
There is a specific section with 8 points.

As for the requirements, you usually need to demonstrate your company is a particular size, has relevant expertise and qualifications and a certain number of customers.

If you start a brand new RPA agency I think it might take you quite some time to establish yourself before you can become a partner and do things like resell UiPath licences.


did you read the benefits section?

Also for the requirements take the information that Jon provided above, and you need to fill a form for contact information and check if you have all the requirements


Hi, I am looking for the same… I want to join the program but need to know the requirements for the service/consulting program. Can anyone share the program guide PDF? I am trying to download but i can’t as not yet a partner, need it to go get my management approval… pls help! Thank you!