What is the primary course I should focus on for the RPA Associate Certificate Exam?

The reason I ask this question is as there is a lack in ubiquity between the answers across various learning platforms outlined in the “Recommended Training and Hands-on Experience” pdf guide in the Exam Description Document for the RPA Associate Exam.

For example, the Salient Features of RPA are different in the “Coursera RPA Specialisation course” and in the “UiPath Academy RPA Associate Learning Plan”.

Another example is the coursera course has an entire module dedicated to the right industries for RPA, such as Banking, Insurance, etc. but then in UiPath Academy it says, “RPA can work in any industry”.

If I am presented with the question, “Which industry is better?”. There is confusion because online there are different answers among the different learning materials, and technically speaking it all comes down to the developer not the industry.

I find the course material to be very subjective, it also lacks precision and ubiquity across the suggested learning platforms, and in my opinion is down right terrible.

Data manipulation, variables, etc. are fine. Because it follows logic and there is a right and wrong answer, but the theory is the worst kind I have come across, it is so subjective and vague. There seems to be more than 1 right answer in many cases. Which material should I focus on?

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Please refer these two links

Complete Uipath Academy course along with that Watch Youtube videos that will help you to archive your goal.

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