What is reframework and what it is used for?

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What is reframework and what it is used for?


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Hi @diptojyotidutta

The framework is meant to be a template that helps the user design processes that offer, at a
barebones minimum, a way to store, read, and easily modify project configuration data, a robust
exception handling scheme and event logging for all exceptions and relevant transaction

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REFramework documentation.pdf (507,8,KB)


Documentation can be found below, but the quick answer is that the REFramework (Robotic Enterprise Framework) is a state machine used to perform error handling on large projects or business processes. It is built to follow certain procedures depending on the error thrown and will log the outcome of attempting to process transactions.

More on using the framework can also be found in the coursework at academy.uipath.com.

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Thank you so much @Anthony_Humphries and @KMota