What is Business ROI in Uipath Insights ?

What is Business ROI?
Return on investment, or ROI, is a mathematical formula that investors can use to evaluate their investments and judge how well a particular investment has performed compared to others. An ROI calculation is sometimes used with other approaches to develop a business case for a given proposal.​

Business Roi - UiPath
The Business ROI dashboard provided out-of-the-box with Insights is based upon manually entered values in the Process Baselines widget. These values are used by the widgets on this dashboard to calculate their display data.​


  • Will be greyed out initially​
  • Requires to provide an ROI dataset ​
  • All the values in the data set must be accurate​
  • Inaccurate values might result in non-accurate analytics​
  • Create a copy of the dashboard to customize it​

A bit about Dataset​

  1. Scroll to the Process Baselines widget and select Edit. The Widget Editor is displayed.
  2. From the Design menu, select the Tabular radio button if it is not selected already.
  3. In the respective fields, enter your corresponding Manual Time(min) and Hourly Cost values for all processes.
  4. Click Apply to confirm and save your changes.

Business ROI Dashboard