What are the other tools we used with UiPath for OCR

Hie, As I am aware of the Google, Microsoft and Abbyy for OCR but I didn’t use Abbyy integrated with theUiPath. Does anyone have an idea of how to use abbyy with UiPath? Can we use another tool rather than these for OCR?

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How about AI Computer Vision? I think thats a good tool specially when it comes to working with citrix automation…

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In performer I am facing issue

  1. Robo inserting the same Vendor I’d for all the months like from Jan to Dec
  2. It’s taking 2-3 min to downloading/checking the reports
  3. It’s deleting the downloading reports

Are you using Anydesh or Teamviewer so that I can show you my issue bro. I am almost done but facing some issue.

I don’t have teamviewer installed bro… Why not you share you solution so I can go through the workflows…?

Sure bro. Please do let me know where you have made changes so that I can understand.
BTW Anydesh is just a 2mb software just taking 10second to download no need to install also direct run from exe file. Anyway I am sharing you the workflow for performer bro .Performer.zip (631.5 KB)

Hey bro… I have teamviewer protable with me now… You can share your screen with me…

Send me a PM of your credentials so I can connect

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