What are the meanings of Missing Schema Action Property - Merge Datatable

hi, can someone explain to me about “Missing Schema Action” peroperty? Also each option’s use.
I checked online document, but no reference to talk about each option.


Hi @pitaty
When merging datatable you need to indicate whether to preserve changes and how to handle missing schema in the current DataTable.

Maybe you can try to your end change the value from Add to error .Just a trial and error.

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i tried, but still want to look for official document to learn. Do you have time to tell me more? That’ll be helpful.

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Hi this is an official document from uipath kindly see the link for your reference.

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i check your link previously, but no comments about “Add” “Ignore”“Error”“AddWithKey” options.

BTW, whtat’s the difference between “Add” and “AddWithKey”? I also tried within Xaml file, but no lucky.


Hi @pitaty ,

Basically this is the DataTable.Merge method. You can find more information on MissingSchemaAction Enum (System.Data) | Microsoft Learn.


Thank you !

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