What are main best practices we should follow to develop uipath project

what are main best practices we should follow to develop uipath project.

Kindly have a view on this

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Hi @shaikjani

There are lot of things that we should consider when it comes to best practices for development… In our office, we have a document for this… I cannot share the document, but I could give you some areas that we should consider in highlevel when creating the best practices…

  • Security risks - for example, where the credentials/ personal information are stored and how they are processed
  • How the robot configurations are managed and handled
  • When to use Flowchart & sequence
  • Closing & opening applications - Use of winow/ browser object variables
  • Use of workflow templates
  • How input files are handled and stored
  • How file paths are managed
  • Logs creation and what info should be captured in what level
  • Variable & argument naming conventions
  • activity naming methods
  • workflow naming methods
  • How best selectors and managed
  • How annotations are used for commenting workflows/ variables/ activities
  • Use of nested IF activities - maximum limit of nesting
  • Best method of using UI automation activities
    • use of on element appear, wait element vanish, element exists where necessary
  • Use of workbook activities, and use excel activities only when needed
  • Error Handling - Try-Catch usage & Global exception handler usage
  • Use of Throw activity

Apart from these you should also consider

  • background automation
  • Version management

Also, for Orchestrator

  • Queue management
  • Assets management
  • Use of tenants and orchestrator

Thank you for your information.
I have asked one question about argument getting null at the time of using throw and rethrow.
can you check that question.