Week 2 Not Available

I do not have a way of going to week 2. All the links I received in the email from UiPath for week 2 go to week 1 with no way of going to week 2.
All the URLs in the email are: https://link.uipath.com/OTk1LVhMVC04ODYAAAF8Y76u9y79zeqfIDUdn9IYO2zrlzoTQ6iJPjsw1NFYej7pYIQ_wizdbi99Uy1vrJZGBlK9MoQ=

Hi @sdfungayi

Thank you for the report, we’ll look into it!

Dear Maciej, I have got the same problem. Clicking the link brings me back to week 1 instead of week 2. Best Regards, Berry van Bree

Hey @Berry_van_Bree, @sdfungayi, Week 2 materials are available just below week 1, as per the screenshot attached.

Can you please scroll all the way down and confirm?

hi @sdfungayi and @Berry_van_Bree, week 2 is available on the course page.

Week 2 IS NOW available. Scroll to the end of week 1 activities.

Dear Andra, I have checked it! Thank you!

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