WebDav Automation or Custom HTTP Methods


we’re trying to automate processes which uses Nextcloud (and possibly other filehosting solutions) as their file hosting solution.

The Nextcloud API is well documented and largely based on the WebDav protocol.

As I was looking for WebDav activities for UiPath I didn’t find a single one which was kinda sad. But ok, then I’ll have to build it myself using the HTTP Request activity… Or so I thought.

WebDav uses special HTTP methods like PROPFIND, MKCOL and a few more.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to use custom methods with the HTTP Request activity.

Am I forced to implement this myself in C# and then create a custom activity or use invoke code?

I cannot imagine that I’m the first one trying to automate WebDav stuff.
Because right now it seems that UiPath is the wrong tool for this.

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Thanks for your feedback.

We will track your request and try to provide dedicated activities in the near future.

We’ve create our own activites around Nextcould for now. We’re currently polishing them and will release them to the marketplace in the near future as well.
I’ll update this post once that has happened.

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Hi, Did you complete it? Is it available in the marketplace ?

As a workaround you may mount webdav resource as network drive in Windows. Then your robot can operate as if it was using a local drive. Please see following procedure:


Hope it helps!