Ways to enable robot to execute after closing Amazon WorkSpaces Client

Hi, I would like to know that is there any other way allows robot to run on AWS Workspace remotely (after execute the robot, close AWS Workspace by clicking the close button on top right of the client application.)

Currently I am connecting to AWS via client application(Amazon Workspaces Client) on PC.

After executing the robot, I closed the client application and the execution ended up failure as the screen will back to the login page when I closed it.

I found a solution which is by using Launch Workflow Interactive, checking “KeepSessionConnected” and “LoginToConsole” will allow me to execute the robot without any problem after I close the client application.


Somehow there is one thing that I discovered on UIPath Activities Guide.
“Starting with v2018.2, this activity has been deprecated.” is being written in the note.

Since it is being stated on the official website, I am wondering that is there any other NEW activity that might replace “Launch Workflow Interactive” OR is there any other way to achieve what I wanted(run robot without any issue even close the client application) as the version of UI Path will be upgraded in the future.