Warning in Workflow

I’m facing an warning message after the execution of workflow. My workflow consist of database activity so the issue is also regarding database. Its say that Parameter Name: providerInvariantName. Please find the attached screen-shot of the warning and let me know how can i resolve that.

Please provide a screenshot of your workflow for more context.

You want whole workflow or only for the database.

Any relevant bit would help. The error without a context makes it hard to debug :slight_smile:

I have attached the screen shot from the Main workflow as well as the update workflow which is used to update the column values. Let me know if any other thing require.
The error says that provider name cannot be null and the provider name which i understand is sql.data.sqlclient


Is there a column called providerInvarientName in your DataTable.? if yes it is created as AllowNull Value as False and somwhere in your process you are not adding the value to that particular column, hence it is throwing the Null Value Exception.

update the provider name in the connection activity properties

The provider name is automatically fetched when connection is made. Should I have to disconnect the connection after update the database

we have to choose provider name in the connect activity properties

Provider name is there I have checked sql.client.data do you want me to add provider name in connection string rather than where it appears?

ok, give write line for Database connection (PRCS_DB), it should not blank if it is blank sql client or oracle client should install on your system or else check your connection string