Wanted to know change in certification


I want to do uipath advance certification as my previous one will get expire in next month.I have observed some changes in certification exam as it is for only 2 hous (120 mins).When i did exam was for 3 or more hours as we have to submit the assignment.
so, i just wanted to know what is new in this new changed format as it is showing only 120 mins.
is we have to submit any assignment or only multiple choice questions are there?
kidnly find this pic for new.


Hi @Mathkar_kunal
I think @Lahiru.Fernando , @Pablito , @loginerror may help you regarding this

@Mathkar_kunal - in the new version you don’t need to submit any assignments…

Hello @Mathkar_kunal

You don’t have any practical exams for the certification. To understand more, please refer the links below.

thnaks for reply

thanks for reply.
so just mcq questions?

thanks for reply.
yes, i will check.