Want to retrive the queitem[] one by one in array

Specific Data: Object
JsonStringIs: [{“Name”:“nin”,“City”:“sjksdkjsd”,“Mail”:“jsdk@sdk.com”}]

its a queue item i want to retive one by one

If you want to get the queue item you need to use the get queue item once it is processed then again connect to same activity(get queue item ) back so it will be in the loop it will be retrive the all queue items.

its not working

i want to retive the name only in tha above queue item.

Hi. You can also use Get Transaction Item which will change it to “In Progress” and start processing that item.

But, the issue you have is actually with how do you get the json values? You need to deserialize it first. Using the Deserialize json activity, place the entire value item.SpecificContent("JsonStringIs").ToString

Then, using the new json object variable, you can get the “Name”, like jsonObj("Name").ToString

Let us know if that helps.


Oh, I just realized that you are wanting to convert that json array to a DataRow. Let me correct my last post with a better solution in a few minutes. Thanks.

I have idea with converting data row JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(of DataTable)(JsonStringIs)

i want any possible get the name in above queue items

I believe you will want to do it like this:

where “ItemValue” is the JsonStringIs, so you can change that part.

The above code will deserialize the content using an Assign activity. EDIT: to a DataRow type


Leave off .Rows(0) if you want a DataTable type.

am getting this type of error

“Name” should be changed to the key that is on the queue item called “JsonStringIs”, which includes the entire json array string.

After it is deserialized to the DataTable or DataRow, then you can get the name, by using this:
because it is a DataTable.


Yep got it thanks for your quick replay @ClaytonM