Want to check the count of particular columns inside many folders

i want to check the count of two particular columns in every excel sheet inside many folders …plz refer to ss

these are folders in this path but folder count is not fixed it can be of any date ,
i need to go inside every folder and there are many excel sheet inside that whose count is also not fixed …in that excel sheet i want to check if CH and CL column is present if yes then how much rows are filled in these column means count

Hi Neha,
Use for each folder in folder, and inside this activity use for each file in folder activity, then use read range and pass the currentfile in the read range.
To check if CH and CL columns are present use an if activity with this condition:
datatable.Columns.Contains(“CH”) and datatable.Columns.Contains(“CL”)
in the then block assign rowCount = Datatable.rows.count()

hi @Neha_Aggarwal1

assign arraysubfoldervariable = directory.getdirectories(“mainfolderpath”)

then use for each file in folders

use read excel file inside for activity

use if condition to check columns contains(“CH”) and (“CL”)


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