''VisualBasicValue`1' requires compilation in order to run

this was the assigned value
VendorInformation.Substring(VendorInformation.IndexOf(“TaxID: “) + “TaxID: “.Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0)

what is the error
how to resolve it


Hi @Akbar_Badhusa

I see vendor information string is empty in the screenshot you provided. Doesn’t it have any value?

And if you have copy pasted the formula in assign try replacing all inverted comma again from studio

And try split(environment.newline) just like this should be fine


It means you’re using “Windows” as the compatibility mode for your project, but when it compiles it doesn’t like the double quotes you used.

There are many threads on this error. You should search the forum before making a new post.


Thank you very much. The issue was with the inverted commas that I have used in the code for the date value.

Hi @Ruvinda_Nilakshika

Check out this thread