Visual Basic code for multiple days of the week

I am trying to automate a process where Tuesday I run a SAP report with certain parameters and Wed-Fri I run the same report with different parameters. I will be creating a “If” activity for Tuesday with the VB code FirstDayOfWeek.Tuesday . Is there a VB code where I can have Wed-Fri set as one variable instead of having to create separate variables and “If” activities for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday individually?


now.DayOfWeek = DayofWeek.Wednesday OR now.DayOfWeek = DayofWeek.Thursday OR now.DayOfWeek = DayofWeek.Friday

Thank you for replying!

Is there one VB code that I could use that would include Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in one code?

That goes into one If activity, else you can keep your Days in list and the compare in IF which will be 2 steps.


now.DayOfWeek>DayofWeek.Tuesday AND now.DayOfWeek<DayofWeek.Saturday

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can you gei me some demo include the vb or C# code,thank you very much

How i do it :

Assign : [todayName] = [now.dayofweek.tostring]

If =
todayName = “Friday”

Then =

here is an example of part of my bot to skip the weekend. ( if friday, add 3 days to working date )