Visual Anchor

This is an idea I had for I while so I might aswell share it :slight_smile:

Long hours of developing can be very tiring and very error prone. Plus when you have similar blocks of code mistakes can happen.

Would be nice if there was a visual anchor similar to Candy Crush Jewels so that you could drag and “split” your code avoiding “stupid mistakes”. This visual support would be a great help because you would know if you are in the right place or not.

It is very simple, but I think it would be very useful and the Robot Comumunity will love it.

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Could you post some screenshots of that feature in Candy Crush? I’m afraid I’m behind on my crushing :slight_smile:
Specifically, I’m not sure what code would you split and why.

@Cosin Maybe I didn´t explain myself clearly. It would be a visual marker so you could navigate in your code in an easy way to avoid mistakes when you are tired. =)
P.S: Sorry for the bad editing skills.

For example, I marked my code so I know that later I have something to do between the ‘blue diamonds’ (This is where the Candy Crush reference comes from).

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Ah, so a sort of separators. Maybe you could use comment blocks?

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I agree with Cosin. Comment blocks are put in and annotate what my intentions are for the space. I’ll usually put an annotation on the top part of that activity or workflow saying i have comments to clear within

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