View Assertion details from Test Manager

Is there a way to view the Assertions in Test Manager?

I know I can show Assertion Details in Orchestrator, but I don’t like our Business Users to have access Orchestrator, but restrict them to Test Manager.

Any tips?

Hi @david.jonsson,

Please note that assertions are only applicable to automated test cases which you can only run via orchestrator.

Test manager can have reference of all test cases(manual/automated) but automated ones can’t be run from there.

Test manager only shows which test cases are linked to automation and their status(failed/passed) when they have been executed via orchestrator.

So to have a detailed look at logs and assertions, orchestrator should be used as of now.

May be this is something to be considered as an improvement to the product :slight_smile:



Yes these are automated Test Cases.

I expected that after looking like crazy i Test Manager for the assertions.

Note: Once the Test Set is linked between Test Mgr and Orch, The business User can trigger a Test Set from Test Manager (not only Orch).

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Hi David,
thx for reaching out. Test Manager provides details on the assertions including screenshots and messages, but it is displayed in a different way.
In contrast to Orchestrator, Test Manager will show the assertion messages within the log tab only.
Having said that, we understand that a similar presentation as in Orchestrator might make sense which is why we have logged a feature request on our side, to improve the presentation on Test Manager.

I know it shows in the Log in Test Manager. but,

  • A failed Assertion shows as “Error” in Test Manager (it’s not, it’s a failed Assertion)
  • I got +400 “Info” message for each Test Case
  • The Test Manager only show the Top 10 Log entries
  • I can’t filter or navigate Log entries in Test Manager

Trying to find the 1 single “Error” makes little sense to the Business.
I say Product feature request :slight_smile:

For now the Work Around is to provide access into Orchestrator which I tried to avoid.
My ideal state is to have one tool for the Business User => Test Manager

Thanks & Please

#offTopic - another Reporting Use Case
If your Business Users like to Count, Group and Filter Test Case data.
Take a look at this:

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I understand and we will definitely improve on this. There some items planned but it will not be this year.

Kind Regards,
Gernot Brandl