Vendor Process Example


I am new in Uipath, can someone help me to solve this example. Especially, business rule exception.

If it is possible sample xaml. format would be good.


I hope this is from a Certification set of queries
— Unfortunately I could not get you through this topic as that would lead to prompting
Rather I would like to help you out in a different way
— kindly make sure that we have completed all the three levels of primary courses that include
Level 1 - Foundation
Level 2 - Orchestrator
Level 3 - Advanced Training

— if all these three were completed concentrate more on REFEamework and Queues and transactions handling in orchestrator

If these were done you will be able to crack this one very easily
REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)

Hope this would help you
Thanks for your kindness
Cheers @Canberk

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