VB.net tutorial

Any suggestion
which is the easiest way to learn vb.net (basics to advanced)

Is there any 1 place where evrything is covered systematically ?


yah we can look on to MVA microsoft virtual academy
one roof under to learn all concepts
Cheers @Vikram212

hi @Palaniyappan your link doesn’t work for me. Can you repost a good link to learn this at?

i think our uipath forum is a best place…as we got lot of scenarios involved with many essential dot net scripts which is been used along different process…so lot of such scenarios would probably help us get the basic touch with dot net…or to learn vb net in depth we got few sights for that in google…


hi @Palaniyappan can you specify some of those sites (atleast 1), which can help me learn vb.net from basic to advanced level, so that i can apply them in UiPath to create good automation

Search as vb.net in C#corner or C sharp corner
I found that informative but still there are n number of resources

Cheers @dishadixit94