VB Apps: Upload File - Error when adding storage bucket

Hi Together,

I have an error when assigning the storage bucket inside the “UploadFileToStorageBucket” rule.

→ Deploying storage bucket to the storage bucket section
→ After previewing the App there is an error

I have seen the video but assume that there is a different issue: UiPath Apps Tutorial: Upload and Download Files in UiPath VB Apps - Learn / Video Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum.

@PeCour ,

Can you share when is this happening? i mean after what activity?

Can you please share your app ? we can have a look

Hi @Arvind_Kumar1,

thank you, but I can’t share the App.

I do not understand the question with the activity. I have an upload file button.

With the rule that I posted before.
And when I add a storage bucket it works. Then I try to publish the App or try to see the preview and it shows me the previous error message.

I can only drop storage bucket into the storage bucket field. So I really do not understand this error message and believe it is a bug since UiPath Apps becomes more and more buggy.

@PeCour ,

Can you please completely delete control and try again ? Could be broken is control someobject

@Arvind_Kumar1, yes it worked. Thank you.

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