Variable not detected

Hi, in one sequence, I read excel, in another sequence, i am using the read dt variable. the scope of the dt variable is an overall folder. When i use the dt variable in other sequence there are no validation errors however, when i run, theres Log Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object error.

Pls help

Thank you xoxo

Hello @sangasangasanga
Just make sure input file have data and read range activity is assigning to correct variable.
if possible please upload xaml.

@AkshaySandhu the input file have data and it is assigned to the same variable.
Main.xaml (176.9 KB)

If your datatable is not assigned and you are trying to find row count, this error occurs. In your second sequence you are not retrieving the excel data to dt or building a new one. and then you are trying to get row count. At this point dt is null and dt.Rows doesn’t exists.

@Madhavi but I am trying to retrieve the datatable variable… and the dt is not empty