Value over lap in excel when adding data

Hi, I tried to create an automation that copies The total expenses in Expenselt (UIPath Create expense report sample). But whenever it saves its values in excel it overlaps. Please help. Thank youRecording-Excel.xaml (50.1 KB)
Employees.xls (19 KB)
MyDT.xlsx (8.4 KB)

This rowindex is not working on me

What is the value of variable “row”. Is the assign inside for each row?

@rmfeliciano rowIndex variable is used anywhere. Why ur assigning MyDT.Rows.index(row)+1 to index. And one more thing ur using 2 for each datarow loop so better change loop variable for one loop from row to some other value. I think that might work because MyDT.Rows.IndexOf(row) is confusing which “row” variable has to be consider between two for each datarow loops.

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I make some changes.
But still have some errors

RecToExc.xaml (38.6 KB)
Employees.xls (19 KB)

@rmfeliciano print each value ur getting from get text activity using message box or writeline. Check whether u getting same value or different value each time. change the variable for each datarow, using 2 row variables one inside other it will be confusing so change one among them.

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I already figured out my error. I just remove the new datatable then add column in my employee data table. Thanks for the reply.